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Tick killer, chitin inhibitor


Is a systemic action tick development inhibitor. When applied to the back of the animal, it is absorbed and deposited in the fat, later it is slowly released into the bloodstream, protecting the animals for prolonged periods.

Tick ​​populations that are resistant to amidines, organophosphates, or pyrethroids are susceptible to being affected by TICKZURON Pour On.

It is indicated for the control of ticks of a single host – Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus – in cattle for fattening and breeding.

Guaranteed composition:

Each mL of TICKZURON contains:

  • Fluazuron 25 mg
  • Excipients q.s. 1 mL
Species for which it is recommended:


Administration route:

Epicutaneous, (Pour On) applying on the back of the animal, in 2 parallel stripes along the midline, from the withers to the base of the tail, using the measuring bottle.


The recommended dose is 2,5 mg of Fluazuron / kg of body weight, in practice apply 5 mL of TICKZURON Pour On for every 50 kg of body weight.

Carry out 3 – 4 applications per year according to the degree of incidence of ticks and the type of exploitation.

Withdrawal time:
  • Treated animals should not be sacrificed for human consumption until 42 days after the end of treatment.
  • Do not administer to cows producing milk for human consumption.

Bottle of 250, 500, 1000 and 5000 mL.

ICA Reg. No.: 8587-MV


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