Indicated in dogs for the prevention and treatment of gastritis and ulcerative gastritis of non-infectious origin and as an adjunct in the treatment of gastritis and ulcerative gastritis of infectious origin, esophagitis and gastroesophageal reflux.

Guaranteed composition:

Each mL of GASTRIVET contains:
Famotidine 5 mg
Excipients q.s. 1mL

Species for which it is recommended:


Administration route:

Oral route only.


Administer a medical dose of 0,5 – 1 mg/kg every 12 or 24 hours, in practice administer 0,5 to 1 mL per 5 kg of weight once or twice a day. The dose, frequency and duration of treatment may vary according to the criteria of the Veterinary Doctor.

  • Do not administer in dogs that show hypersensitivity to the drug.
  • Due to drug interactions, do not administer simultaneously with antifungals (ketoconazole, itraconazole, fluconazole) and cephalosporins (cefpodoxime, cefuroxime).
Cautions and warnings:
  • Administer orally only.
  • Administer with caution in dogs with heart, liver and/or kidney disease.
  • The safety of the product in pregnant or lactating females is unknown, its use should be based on the risk/benefit analysis.
  • Keep below 30 °C and protected from light.

Bottle for 60 and 120 mL.

ICA Reg. No.: 10271-MV


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