Broad spectrum antimicrobial


Indicated for the treatment of diseases such as: Bartonellosis, pneumonias and bronchopneumonia, pharyngitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis, otitis, bronchitis and sinusitis, genitourinary infections: metritis and cystitis, leptospirosis, borreliosis (lyme disease), Erlichiosis, toxoplasmosis, tetanus, brucellosis, gastrointestinal infections and diarrhea, otitis, deep and superficial pyoderma, abscesses, boils, cellulitis, prevention of infections in post-operative or treatment of infected wounds, joint infections, periostitis, gingivitis, osteoarthritis.

Guaranteed Composition:

Each 100 mL of oral solution contains:

  • Doxycycline hyclate 57,7 mg
    (Equivalent to Doxycycline base 50 mg)
  • Excipients q.s. 1 mL
Species for which it is recommended:

Dogs and cats.

Administration route:

Administer only orally, with food or immediately after feeding.


Administer orally at a medical dose of 5-10 mg / kg every 12 hours for 7 to 14 days, in practice administer a dose of 1 to 2 mL of DOXIFIG for every 10 kg of body weight or according to criteria of the Veterinary Doctor.

For the treatment of canine Bartonellosis, feline Bartonellosis, Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Toxoplasmosis and Erlichiosis, administer orally a medical dose of 10 mg / kg every 12 to 24 hours for 14 to 30 days, in practice administer a dose of 1 mL of DOXIFIG for every 5 kg of body weight or according to the criteria of the Veterinarian.

  • In animals with hypersensitivity to antibiotics of the Tetracycline group.
  • Do not administer in pregnant females, tetracyclines can retard the development of the fetal skeleton, cause bone malformations, and unwanted coloration (yellow) in the deciduous teeth of fetuses and neonates. It should only be used in the last half of pregnancy when the benefits outweigh the fetal risks.
  • Do not administer to neonates (puppies and kittens).
  • Due to drug interactions, do not administer simultaneously with oral antacids, bismuth subsalicylate, kaolin pectin, oral iron, penicillins, phenytoin and phenobarbital.
Cautions and Warnings:
  • Administer orally only.
  • Overdose can cause gastrointestinal disturbances (vomiting, diarrhea, gastritis, and anorexia).
  • Oral administration of DOXIFIG can be associated with nausea and vomiting. To alleviate these effects, it should be administered with food or immediately after feeding.
  • Keep at a temperature below 30°C, protected from sunlight.

Bottle of 30, 60, and 120 mL. With dosing syringe.

ICA Reg. No.: 9521-MV


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